SPE column

Solid phase extraction is a chromatographic technique used to prepare samples for subsequent analysis by removing interfering substances that may be present. This is done either by retaining the substance of interest and washing off everything else or by retaining the interfering substances and eluting the product of interest.

AISIMO SPE columns are designed to concentrate or isolate analytes from complex sample matrices. Available with a variety of packing media, these columns offer the advantage of working with different types of interactions between the sample components, sorbent, and suitable eluent. The polarity (polar, non-polar) or charge (anion, cation) of the analyte of interest will determine the proper choice of sorbent and solven.

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    1. <b>SPE columns</b>

      SPE columns

      SPE can treat a wide range of samples From 50l up to 1L within a wide range of matrix. Effective Clean-up Concentration of dirty and dilute samples Saves time, ensuring reproducible results vs liq/liq solid-liq extraction Methods can be aut...

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