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Flash Columns

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    Aisimo® disposable flash chromatographic columns are machine-packed with ultra pure silica gel. The proprietary user-friendly design eliminates the need for cumbersome, expensive adapters, valves, and other accessories, thus providing organic chemists fast and easy purifications with high resolution and reproducibility.

    Ultra pure silica-gel features a narrow particle size distribution, low level of fines and low trace metal content, neutral pH, tightly controlled water content and high surface area, providing scientists the desired reproducible results.

    Proprietary dry packing technology produces uniform packed sorbent bed with less channeling, tighter band and symmetrical peak definition, resulting better resolution and reproducibility.

    Standard Luer-Lock end fittings enable quick, easy connection to commercially available flash systems on the market.

    Innovative column design offers safety and flexibility with leak free performance.

    Solvent compatibility: Most of the organic solvents

    Technical specifications
    Average Pore size: 60Å ,
    Pore volume 0.75 ml/g,
    Surface area :480-500 m2/g,
    pH range 6.8-7.2,
    Water Content: 3.0-5.0%,
    Average Particle Size: 40-63μm

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