PES membrane filter

PES membrane filter

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    Aisimo PES membrane is a highly Membrane composed of modified polyethersulfone that is a tough, durable, and temperature-resistant aromatic polymer.  Aisimo PES membrane provides high flow rate, low extractables and greater mechanical strength than competitive membranes. This membrane is specifically designed for biological, analytical, electronic, pharmaceutical, beverage, and sterilizing filtration applications.

     Bacterial removal
     HPLC flowing particle removal
     Drug filtration
     Organic solvents filtration    IV filters
     Lateral flow assays
     Particulate removal

    Aisimo PES membrane is available in rolls up to 310 mm wide, as well as sheets, cut discs that can be customized to meet your application and size requirements. Aisimo PES Membrane is manufactured on-site in Aisimo facilities, all customization is easy and cost-effective

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    PES Membrane Filter
    AM13PS22 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:13(mm), 200pcs/pk
    AM13PS45 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:13(mm), 200pcs/pk
    AM13PS01 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.10(μm), Diameter:13(mm), 200pcs/pk
    AM25PS22 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:25(mm), 200pcs/pk
    AM25PS45 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:25(mm), 200pcs/pk
    AM25PS01 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.10(μm), Diameter:25(mm), 200pcs/pk
    AM47PS22 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:47(mm), 200pcs/pk
    AM47PS45 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:47(mm), 200pcs/pk
    AM47PS01 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.10(μm), Diameter:47(mm), 200pcs/pk
    AM90PS22 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:90(mm), 100pcs/pk
    AM90PS45 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:90(mm), 100pcs/pk
    AM90PS01 PES Membrane Filters,Pore:0.10(μm), Diameter:90(mm), 100pcs/pk